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browserID acceptance rate

browserID acceptance rate in internet users visiting Luxembourgish web sites connecting from Luxembourg. The ranking is based on the number of page views concerning sites included in the gemiusPrism study.

lack of required plugin

Download the required flash plugin from http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer, to view the diagrams correctly.


BrowserID is Gemius' proprieraty identifier, that combines (as of 2013-01) local storage identifiers and 3rd party cookies to better identify browsers being used by internet users. As of 2013-02 ~98% of traffic is covered by BrowserID (while 3rd party cookies identifies 80-95% - refer to ranking.pl for county specific data - of traffic). In the future BrowserID can incorporate more variables (such as 1st party cookie, User Agent string, IP class) in order to increase efficiency of assigning traffic with individual browser used by internet users.

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